Timber or Tiles?

When your renovating or building, choosing the flooring that is right for you can be a hard decision to make. When you want to avoid the hassles of carpet, the next question you ask yourself is... 'Timber, or tiles?' . Let's have a look at a few of the features of both to help you decide what is best for you.

Timber will almost definitely raise the value of your home further than tiles will, if you are looking at selling your property in the near future, polished timber floors is a huge advantage. They look stunning and you now have a wider range of styles and colours on the market than in latter years. With the extra choices available it is becoming easier to create a unique atmosphere without having to resort to the larger options available in tiles. Laying timber floors will help your home stay relatively cool in summer and through winter they will not get nearly as cold as tiles. Timber tends to be more comfortable to walk on than tiles as they are a slightly softer material. Tiles will very rarely compete with timber floors on this point. There is nothing nicer than walking barefoot on timber flooring. Unfortunately timber flooring has it's downside. They tend to scratch easily and will need to be sanded back and re-polished / re-stained. Timber has been known to warp in conditions of prolonged excess heat and exposure to sun will discolour some timber floors. Upkeep is generally harder than tiles and the use of oils such as eucalyptus is advised to keep timber in good condition.

Tiles have a huge diversity of colours and styles to choose from. There are innumerable different materials and textures that you can choose from and you can really create any look or feel you like with tiles. Just like timber flooring, tiles are relatively low-allergenic and easy to keep clean. Unlike timber, tiles do not wear and tear nearly as much as timber floors. They will last and look great for many years with very little maintenance other than your everyday mopping. You do not need to polish them and you do not need to worry as much about scratching them. Some tiles do scratch easier than others, but on average they tend not to scratch easily.

We find that most people desire to have timber floors throughout the home and then use tiles for their laundry and bathroom. This is a great way to utilize both timber and tiles to create a wonderful home and raise the value of your property. Have a good look through the bathroom section and also the decking and renovation & extension sections to see some of the options available for you to implement into your plans. If you want more detailed information or a helping hand to give you some creative ideas, give us a call or drop an email via our contact page.